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The 消费者信息 section is meant to help prospective and current students locate important information on the Evangel site. 如果您需要进一步的帮助,请凯时国际app首页. The information provided is in compliance with the Higher Education Act and its implementation regulations.


Evangel complies with  federal requirements to share and post detailed and specific consumer information. 在这里, you will find links to the required information and documents to keep on file for your records.


金融援助 information is largely contained in different areas on the University website. 具体到每个学生的财政援助信息, 回归与展望, is available in the financial aid offer and online through the student’s My 金融援助 page and Student Portal. 在这里, 学生可以获得他们的经济援助计划, 保持资格的要求, 付款金额及资料, 等. The student will also have access to appropriate federal documents that are required to receive federal financial aid. These documents contain specific loan information such as interest rates, amounts, and explanations. 有关财政援助的一般信息可以在下面的链接中找到.

Information on written arrangements to provide educational programs must be made available to enrolled and prospective students

凯时国际app首页 has more than 70 fully accredited academic programs for traditional Undergraduate students.  We also offer Adult studies, designed to help you finish your degree as a working adult. 最后,我们在研究生学习领域提供了几个硕士学位选择.


作为提供第四章合格教育项目的机构, we are mandated to provide reporting and disclosure information about students that lead to gainful employment in recognized occupations.  We are also required to notify the Department of Education when adding additional GE Programs.


All Evangel employees who have responsibilities with respect to student educational loans are required to comply with a conflict of interest policy and 行为准则.


根据联邦政策, 凯时国际app首页 celebrates Constitution and Citizenship Day September 17th each year.


未经授权或未经许可复制受版权保护的材料(书籍), 期刊, 音频或视频节目, (或任何类型的软件)是联邦和国际法律所禁止的. Persons conducting such copying or using improperly acquired materials are subject to 纪律程序.


(This is dependent on Title IV Program participation; will be provided to borrowers once eligible for Title IV.) 经确认由特定财政援助产生的信贷余额, 学生可以获得图书代金券,也可以在 创始人的书店. In order to obtain a book voucher, students must meet with a member of the 计费 Office. 为了在书店结账, students must have a credit balance that can be verified by the bookstore staff.


A student desiring to transfer credits from another college/university after initial enrollment at Evangel University must procure a Transfer Credit Approval Form and have it signed in advance for these courses by the advisor, 与被调任的课程有关的系主任, 及司法常务官. The student must earn a minimum grade of C- in a course to transfer the credit. (Note: At least 30 of the final 40 semester hours of credit prior to graduation must be completed in residence at 凯时国际app首页).


对于凯时国际app首页的学生贷款来说,这很重要 资料是可用的 凯时国际app首页条款和条件,以及额外的资格要求.

有关贷款可用性的信息, including rights and responsibilities of students and institutions under Title IV, 高等教育机构贷款计划可在 联邦学生资助.

All students who borrow a Federal Direct Student Loan and/or Graduate PLUS loan are required to complete both Entrance and Exit Counseling. Entrance Counseling will explain the Direct Loan obligation you agree to meet as a condition for receiving a Federal Direct Loan. Exit Counseling provides useful tips and information to help you manage your loans.


优先贷款人政策: This policy addresses the relationship between the 凯时国际app首页 Student Financial Services Office and the lenders utilized by 凯时国际app首页 student borrowers in Private Loan Programs. 与学生金融服务办公室的使命保持一致, we feel it is our responsibility to identify lenders that we believe will offer student and parent borrowers the best possible benefits to make their loan repayment as affordable as possible and offer great customer service. The lenders and loan options presented in FASTChoice were selected for the excellent terms and benefits they provide to borrowers. 我们的机构过去曾与这些贷款机构合作过, 以前的借款人都有与他们合作的积极经验.

私人贷款不属于联邦贷款项目. 然而, 如果这些贷款项目不能支付学生的教育费用, 他们可能会考虑申请私人贷款. 凯时国际app首页利用 FASTChoice to provide support and guidance during the private loan counseling and lender selection process.

Some educational loan borrowers must complete the Private Education Loan Application Self-Certification Form when applying for an educational loan. 要填写此表格,借款人需要以下信息 学费 & 成本 还有一张你的 经济援助奖项.


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*A paper copy of any information in this notice may be obtained by contacting the applicable office as listed in our 校园里的联系人 List.